What is reunification in foster care?


For most children in care, reunification is the end goal – however, this isn’t always an easy process to deal with for both the child or foster family. Through this guide, we will explore what reunification entails and how we can make a transition as seamless as possible for both your foster family and the child in your care.

Reunification in foster care: a definition

Reunification is the process of reuniting a foster child to live with their birth parents, family members or guardians. Throughout a child’s time in care, it is likely the social team have been working on a family reunification plan for the eventuality of their return to home.

Tips to support reunification as a foster parent

Reunification can be hard for both foster children and parents - you may feel that the child is best placed with you, especially if they’ve been with you on a long term foster placement. You may feel that the child in your care has become a part of your family, and you may have concerns for their safety and wellbeing. However, you can rest assured that the social worker team and have the child’s best interest at heart and are working towards their stable future, which could mean reunification is the best step for them.

There are a number of ways you can show you support the reunification process and help the process run smoother:

  • Build a relationship with the biological parents, if possible – establishing a relationship with the child’s parents will help the process of the reunification. It is also a great way to show your support for your process. One way you could do this could be by sharing drawings and anecdotes about the child, or taking an interest in their lives.
  • Speak positively about their family – be mindful about what you are saying about your foster child’s parents, as saying positive things about the foster child’s family can help them feel more a bit ease about returning to live with them in the future.
  • Prepare yourself – during this time, it is important to acknowledge the affect reunification can have on you and your family. Talk to your fostering team - it is important to express your feelings and ensure you are in the right mind frame for reunification, which can come with speaking to like-minded foster carers who’ve experienced this, too.
  • Share your knowledge – help the process be as seamless as possible by sharing all the information you know about your foster child. This could be tips and tricks for their behaviour, insight into their routine or simply their food preferences.

Here at FosterCare UK, we are offer extensive support to foster families both during placements and the reunification process. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful team today.

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