Fostering as a single parent

Interested in single parent foster care, but not sure if you can foster as on your own? A common misconception is that you can’t foster as a single parent – but this is just a myth. Fostering as a single parent is a completely viable and respected method of fostering. In fact, single foster parents are a huge part of the fostering community.

Can you be a foster parent if you’re single?

Yes – you can foster as a single parent. As long as you meet the fostering requirements – such as being over 21 years of age, in good health and having a spare bedroom – your relationship status will not be considered a deciding factor of whether you can foster or not. Once you have met these requirements, you will then be able to begin the single parent fostering application process.

Of course, single parent fostering may be slightly more challenging than if you’re in a couple. This is due to the high demand fostering can have upon your life, both social and emotionally, as not having someone to share the load with can be more difficult. However, that’s why you’ll be provided with a wealth of support and guidance from FosterCare UK and like-minded foster carers from our community to help you every step of the way.

Why choose single parent foster care

Fostering as a career is an extremely rewarding choice – and that doesn’t change whether you are in a couple or fostering alone. As well as fostering training and support the whole way through, you’ll receive a fostering allowance which will take care of any needs that the child will have during their placement with you, such as clothing, feeding and housing requirements.

One of the main reasons why carers choose single parent fostering is the ability to build up a new and rewarding career at the same time as being able to stay at home with existing family. Fostering becomes your career – meaning you’ll need to be on hand to take care of the young person. But this also means you don’t need to worry about rushing out to work to support your family – you can support them from the comfort of your own living room.

How to become a single foster parent

Looking for advice on how to become a single foster parent? Simply get in touch with a member of our friendly team for help and information. Whether you’re looking for advice on single parent foster care or you’re interested in taking your application further, our team can help. Find out more about our fostering recruitment process today.

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