Therapeutic Foster Care Training

Therapeutic Fostering Training from FosterCare UK

As part of our therapeutic fostering programme, we offer a range of high-quality therapeutic foster care training to our carers. As therapeutic foster care is a more complex specialist form of foster care, we believe that it is vital to help develop our carers and improve the quality of the fostering service that they can provide – this is why we provide our Fostering Changes Training courses.

What is therapeutic foster training?

Therapeutic foster training involves caring for children and young people who have experienced trauma. They may also have complex needs and behavioural, emotional or mental health issues because of their difficult past. To help provide a positive outcome in these situations, we provide a professional standard support and therapy service to those who need it.

To find out more, visit our therapeutic fostering page for additional information on therapeutic foster placements and other forms of support offered by FosterCare UK.

Our Fostering Changes therapeutic fostering training courses are delivered in-house by our experienced team of social workers. This foster care course is supported by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and is noted in the government Care Matters documentation. This fostering course has been designed to aid in the development of real-life skills in our therapeutic foster carers and aid them in behaviour identification and management. These skills are a vital element in the successful positive outcome and stability of these types of foster placements.

Why choose FosterCare UK for therapeutic foster care training?

As an independent fostering agency, we have the resources to provide a wide range of foster training that may not be available to those fostering with local authorities. Other foster care training we provide in this field includes Clinical Group Supervision – an 8 week course based on the Leslie Ironside model of reflective thought and practise – and Nurturing Attachments – an 18 week programme developed by Kim Golding that helps carers understand how to best develop their relationships with the looked after children and young people in their care.

If you’re thinking of fostering and becoming a foster carer for children that may need a little more support, it’s important to know that FosterCare UK will be there for you every step of the way. We are committed to the ongoing foster care training, support and development of our foster carers and are proud of our reputation as an agency that improves the long-term outcomes for every looked after child and young person we serve across London, Kent and Essex.

As well as our foster training provision, we provide 24/7 support thanks to our dedicated office staff and team of social workers. Each of our foster carers also receives a competitive weekly fostering allowance to help cover the costs of caring for a child or young person as well as acting as a reward for the hard work and time they’ve dedicated to their new role and the care of their fostering placement.

If you want to become a foster carer, have a spare room in your home and can offer a safe and loving environment then contact us today – we’re always looking for new foster parents to join our friendly and dedicated team of carers. You can reach us by phone on 0844 800 1941 or by email by completing our online enquiry form below. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of foster children across the South East of England.


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