Fostering Changes Training

A full training and development programme is available to all our foster carers and listed below are some of the relevant training courses we provide.

• Parenting a Child who has been Sexually Abused.
• Positive Management of Challenging Behaviour
• Safer Caring (incorporating Secondary Trauma for foster parents)
• Therapeutic Management of Behaviour
• The Role of Attachment Theory in Therapeutic Fostering

Fostering Changes Training – London, Kent and Herts

Fostering Changes training is available to all our carers and is a priority for those working on our Therapeutic Fostering Framework.

Fostering Changes Training delivered in-house by FosterCare UK social workers is a course supported by DCSF and noted in Care Matters as a premier course for Foster Carers.

The programme ensures that foster carers gain real-life skills in behaviour identification and management. This is an essential course to support the longevity and stability of placements.

Background to Fostering Changes Training

The Fostering Changes Programme was established in 1999 by the Conduct Disorder, Adoption and Fostering National and Specialist Team at the Maudsley Hospital.

Long-term outcomes for looked after children are extremely poor when compared to other children. Looked-after children are at far greater risk of mental health disorders, academic under achievement, risk-taking behaviours, teenage pregnancy and the likelihood of forensic involvement.  Some children in care benefit enormously from their foster care placements, and go on to reach their full potential. A safe and nurturing environment can equip looked after children with the resources they need to overcome their poor start in life.

FosterCare UK – Fostering Changes aims to help foster carers manage difficult and challenging child behaviour. This can help them to form more positive relationships with the children they look after which in itself is a cornerstone for positive change and help enormously in improving their long term outcomes.

FosterCare UK is committed to the ongoing training and development of its foster carers and is proud of its reputation for improving long-term outcomes of the looked-after children it serves in London, Kent, Herts and Essex.


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