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D's Story: I'm so thankful for my foster family

D has been in foster care for four years, he is thankful for all the support he receives from his foster family and is looking forward to his future. Read his story here. 

I have been in foster care for almost four years and since being in foster care my life has been so amazing, more than you can even imagine. My foster mum is my role model, she teaches me how to be independent, how to cook, how to clean my room, how to fold up my clothes, and even how to use the washing machine! She mainly still does all this for me but is teaching me along the way, so I learn these important life skills to help me in the future.

When I first arrived at my foster home, I was scared and upset but now I love my new life and have become more confident. I am doing exceptionally well at school and I am getting good grades, and lots of house points. I truly have a lovely life now and I love going on family adventures, especially to the seaside each weekend where our caravan is. I have learnt how to swim; paddle board and I can now read which is something I was not able to do before. My favourite books are about dragons and any book written by David Walliams.  

Although I am happy with my life and I am glad to have the support of my foster carer, there are some lows to being in foster care such as missing my sisters and aunt. I can see them often and I talk to them on the phone which makes things a little easier. Of course, There cannot be the low times without the highs, my positive experiences include learning how to use the computer efficiently, I have gained more confidence, made lots of great friends and I am attending a very good school.

I am doing well with my schoolwork, I am very good at maths, science, art, and I am improving with English. I am very proud of myself because I did not know I was this clever, I never knew I could do so well academically, but I am happy to be able to have this ability. I am also learning how to be more independent and do things without my foster mum, I enjoy going on school trips and I am learning how eat healthily and exercise.

My advice to anyone else who is in foster care is to take the advice from your foster family, do not get upset when they tell you off or give you consequences because they do it because they care about us and want us to have a good future. I am thankful for being with my foster family because I have been able to learn lots of new things and have had opportunities I did not have before.

I hope in the future I have a good job, tons of money, a nice house, a car, and a cute dog because I love dogs! I think foster carers are amazing and are doing a great job, they are helping children have a better life and future. My foster mum is the best and I love her so much, I want to get her gifts when I misbehave so she knows I did not mean it.

I know I can achieve all my goals and dreams because I have the support of my foster mum and that is the everything I need to do well.

*Please note due to D’s age, his foster carer was present with him whilst putting together his story for FosterCare UK

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