Why Become a Foster Carer?

Why Become a Foster Carer

People become foster carers for a variety of different reasons, but one reason tends to surface time and again – people want to make a difference to the lives of children and young people.

Some people foster because they want to use their experiences with their own children to be a good role model to foster children, too. Some of our foster parents haven’t been parents before but want to give their love and care to those who really need it. There’s a variety of reasons why fostering could be beneficial to your life – learn more here.

Reasons for becoming a fosterer

There are thousands of children across the South East of England that have been treated poorly and abused or are simply no longer able to live with their families. These young people and children need foster care.

By fostering a child in your local area, you can help a young person find safety and stability in their lives after having to leave their family home. These children and young people all have incredible potential and are often in full-time education – but they need the support of caring foster parents to help them be everything they can be.

Our foster carers often tell us that becoming a foster parent has been the best experiences of their life and have lots of happy and inspiring fostering stories to share.

How to become a foster parent

We know however, that despite wanting to be a foster carer, many people don’t have the information they need and are put off by what they believe to be a long and complex fostering assessment process. At FosterCare UK, we aim to make the fostering assessment process as easy as possible. We provide our prospective foster carers with all the support, foster care training and education they need to become a foster parent and change the lives of a child or young person.

You will have your own support team, including a social worker, who will help guide you through the six-month process to becoming a foster carer – from your first home visit and your Form F Assessment, all the way up until you meet with the Fostering Panel and officially become a foster parent. Learn more about our fostering recruitment process now.

Can I foster?

We’re also often asked “who can foster?” And how foster care fits around work. There are very few barriers to taking on a foster child. If you are over the age of 21 and are in good health, you’re likely to be able to become a foster carer. At FosterCare UK we provide many different types of foster care services. From respite care and therapeutic fostering to full time fostering you’re bound to find a fostering service that suits your availability and existing commitments.

So, whatever your reason for wanting to become a foster carer, we want you to contact us. We are FosterCare UK, an independent foster care agency. We work with local authorities in the UK to provide essential foster care services to children and young people in need. If you’d like to learn more about why you should foster and the types of fostering service we offer, then you can do so by giving any one of our offices a call or by using one of our online forms below:

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