Mother and baby foster placements

Mother and baby foster placements, also known as parent and child fostering, is a common type of foster care. As a mother and baby foster carer, you would be allowing a family the opportunity to stay together during a difficult period of time. This type of fostering is a specialist type, which requires specialist training, as it involves taking care of both a young baby and a young mother or parent.

What is parent and child fostering?

Fostering young mothers and babies refers to a type of fostering placement where the mother or father, or in some cases, both parents, are placed into foster care alongside their baby, child or children. Typically, this sort of situation arises when a mother or parent is in a difficult situation in which they are unable to care for their child. It’s not unusual to see that the mother is still a young person herself, and potentially still in the foster care system.

This situation could also occur if the mother, or parent, is not be ready for the responsibility of having a child. Family support and guidance is integral to a young mother – and it may be that they are short of this. That’s where parent and child fostering can step in to help facilitate positive change to a mother and baby’s life.

Fostering young mothers and babies can be an extremely rewarding type of foster care as, not only are you taking care of a young baby, but you’re showing a young person in need how to care for their own child and teaching them life skills.

What is the mother and baby fostering allowance?

Generally, a parent and child fostering allowance will be provided to cover the financial responsibilities of caring for a child. This is typically an independent financial cost that will be given to the parents in care to learn the basics of being able to effectively handle money and provide them with a taste of independence.

However, it’s important to note that this allowance does not come of the standard fostering allowance that the carer would be provided with to care for the mother and baby. Learn more about how much foster parents get paid from our detailed guide.

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