Fostering babies

Interested in fostering babies? Generally, the prospect of fostering babies over young children can seem desirable to foster carers – meaning there is typically a higher demand for fostering babies. This could be due to the fact that babies are less likely to have developed behavioural, development or social problems brought on by past experiences or trauma, so it’s thought of as more manageable for foster parents. So how do you foster a baby?

How to foster a baby

Babies are often in foster care as they have been removed by the local authorities from their biological parents. Reasons for a baby having to be removed from their birth parents could be due to neglect, emotional or physical abuse or substance abuse. However, mainly, it comes down to the prospect that the parents are unable to take are care of their child. In some instances, parents may also give the baby up themselves, if they know they cannot care for him/her.

Usually, when babies are put into foster care, they are often placed on short term placements while they wait for adoption – meaning, as a foster carer for babies, you’re likely to experience various short-term placements. These placements are necessary as the babies may need to be removed from their biological parents as quickly as possible, so it could be that you may need to be on hand for emergency foster care.

If you’re interested in fostering babies, get in touch with a member of our helpful team to begin the foster care application process.

Parent and child fostering placements

Also known as mother and baby foster placements, parent and child fostering is another form of fostering babies. This refers to where the mother or the father (or, in some cases, both parents) are placed in foster care together alongside their baby or child. This type of fostering placement is very different to fostering babies – as it essentially involves caring for two people at the same time, so requires specialist fostering training to do so.

How to become a foster carer for babies

If you’re interested in learning how to foster a baby, FosterCare UK has you covered. We will make the process as easy as possible for you – as long as you meet the fostering requirements and criteria to ensure your suitability as a foster carer for babies.

For more information about our fostering recruitment process or information on fostering new-borns, get in touch with a member of our expert team today.

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