I have been fostering since 2014 and started my fostering journey knowing it was something that I had always wanted to do. I was driven by the desire to be able to support children who are in care and may need a secure and loving environment.

When I made the decision to become a foster parent my family were very supportive and encouraging which really helped my confidence during the foster care process.

I was nervous but also excited that when I was approved by FosterCare UK and became a fully-fledged foster carer. I was also nervous and excited when I had my first placement.

In my time as a foster carer I have looked after teenagers, mothers and babies (parent and child placement), siblings, pregnant mothers, children waiting for an adoption family, and currently look after one long term placement. I found each placement different depending on the age group and needs, some placements were challenging where as others were much more manageable and I was able to adapt to each child’s individual needs.

Over time, I have been able to build a bond with the babies, and support the children waiting to be adopted. I have stayed in touch with the children who have left to go to their new families and have had the pleasure of being able to see how much they grown since being with their adoptive families.

I knew fostering would come with its challenges however, I learned a lot about myself during the journey that has helped me to grow and develop. My children have found the fostering experience normal as I have always opened my home to friends and family in need of support and help.

I find that the support I receive from FosterCare UK is excellent and it feels like a family, where we work as a team and the social workers are always there to provide encouragement, support and advice when needed.

The referral team have been very supportive and make sure that they find the right placement match for me and with keep me updated every step of the way through the process.  They are always there to give support and will also contact you to find out how each placement is progressing throughout the duration.

I would recommend fostering with FosterCare UK to friends and family in a heartbeat.

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