Dalice and John


I have been a foster carer with my husband John for 14 years now. Originally, we started fostering through a local authority, but after feeling we needed more support, we transferred to FosterCare UK over 3 years ago.

Before becoming a foster carer, I was a teaching assistant at a local school. During my time there I noticed that one particular family was having problems. The children would arrive at school with marks and bruises. The school dealt with these concerns, but the event made me realise how many children in the world needed help. I spoke to my husband and the rest of my family who were extremely supportive, and we all agreed to start the fostering journey together.

Upon being approved as foster carers, our first referral was for that same family that triggered me to apply. I really wanted to help but decided it would not be appropriate as I knew the family but felt sure that this proved we had made the right life choice to become foster carers.

When our first placement was made and the children arrived, we felt so scared, but we were also very aware of how difficult this must be for the children. The placement was meant to last 3 weeks for respite only, but this went on to eventually last 12 years! We have worked with lots of other children over the 14 years we have fostered. Some of which were babies with health concerns such as foetal alcohol syndrome, and we have worked with older children too. I recall having quite a few challenges over the years but have persevered with all the children unless we felt unable to meet their needs.

John and I now have 2 teenagers both of which we are extremely proud of. We have permanency granted on each of these children which means they will remain with us until they are ready to leave home. We feel that we are giving something back and helping children have a positive start in life. We both feel the matching process is vital in making placements work.

We would recommend FosterCare UK to our family and friends, as we feel the support we receive is excellent! Our social worker and the rest of the team are always on hand whenever we need them.

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