Fostering in Pevensey

Fostering in Pevensey with FosterCare UK

Have you ever thought about becoming a foster carer? If not, perhaps now is the time because you are needed. There are more looked after children and young people in Pevensey than there are foster homes available. This is typical of the situation across the country. At any given time, there about 9,000 looked after youngsters for whom there are no placements available.

At FosterCare UK, we have been working with the local authority of the East Sussex County Council to augment their requirements for several years. While the local authority has their own foster carers, they often have to make referrals to independent fostering agencies such as FosterCare UK because they are short of homes for their placements.

Our sole task is to provide the very best fostering families, which is why we are reaching out to you. If you have a spare room, we need you. If you have more than one spare bedroom, even better. You can help us with one of the more common referrals we receive – sibling group placements.

While there is no typical type of child who needs foster care, there are some situations that occur more often and having several siblings taken into care at the same time is one of those situations. When they can be placed together, it is a much more positive event for them as they have the continuity of the brothers and sisters they know and love.

Many times, people new to the idea of fostering will think in terms of looking after a baby. As it turns out, the demand for homes for children over the age of five is more likely and the majority of youngsters in care are over the age of 10.

There are parent and child placements which used to be known as mother and baby placements. In this type of care, a parent, or parent, and their small child need you to help them adjust to family life. We are there at your side to support you. Part of this arrangement involves your assessment of the parent’s ability to care for the baby on his or her own in the community once the placement is complete, which is about 12 weeks.

If you are wondering how to apply to become a foster carer in Pevensey, it is a very easy process. The first step is to contact us. With a few brief questions, we can tell you whether you are a potentially good fit. These questions are easy to answer. One of them is, do you have a spare room? Another one is, are you in good health? With a “yes” answer to both questions, we will make an appointment to visit you in your home. You can own or rent your house or flat, be married or single, LGBT, male or female, and any age over 21. Your experience and education are assets but not required. We have an extensive and professional training programme.

If you would like more information about fostering in Pevensey and wish to learn about the process and the benefits, contact us for a chat on 0844 800 1941 and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can complete our online enquiry form, and a member of our team will call you back.

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