Fostering in Bexhill

Fostering in Bexhill with FosterCare UK

FosterCare UK has a fostering presence in East Sussex and we have an urgent necessity for more foster carers in Bexhill. We have a contract with the local authority which takes children and young people into care. While the local authority has its own carers, they frequently turn to independent fostering agencies for help in finding placements because there are more kids in care then they can accommodate.

FosterCare UK is one of those agencies. We are very proud of our success in our foster placements. Our looked after children and young people stay in education longer and have excellent outcomes. This is due to the level of stability we can achieve with our foster homes.

Nevertheless, we need more carers because at the moment, the demand for placements in Bexhill exceeds the supply. When a youngster cannot be placed in his or her hometown, the solution is to find another region where there is an available place. Because there is a shortage of foster parents throughout England, this can prove to be an impossible task.

Even if it is possible, it is not an optimal solution. Studies show that if a young person can be cared for in the same geographical area when he or she attends school and has a group of friends, the long-term result is more positive.

Since we focus on giving the kids in our care the best possible hope for the future, we need you to think about becoming a foster carer. If you have a spare bedroom, good health, and are resilient, open minded and child-focused, you are exactly who we need.

If you get in contact with us, there is no obligation or expectation. We are here to answer your questions and to get to know a little bit about you. The second step, should you wish to proceed, is for one of our professional social workers to visit your home. We need to see if you have enough space. That is the first requirement. Whether you own or rent your home is not a factor.

You can be married or single, male or female, LGBT. Ideally, you are at least 21 years old and there is no upper limit on age. Being in good health is the primary requirement. We will work with you through the application process from the initial interview to the DBS check to the training sessions and to the final review procedure.

The basic weekly allowance provided covers general household expenses, food, mileage, school meals, the child’s clothing, and pocket money. If there are any special needs, an additional weekly fee is added. The fees vary depending on the placement, with the average allowance being approximately £495 per week, per child.

We have a special need for people with enough extra bedrooms so that we can place a sibling group with you.

To find out if you can join us, contact your local fostering team for a chat on 0844 800 1941. You can also send us a message and we will get back to you asap.

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