Fostering in Croydon

Are you looking to foster in Croydon? Foster Care UK will provide you all the support you need to help you change the lives of young people in London. FosterCare UK is looking to recruit foster carers in Croydon. We are an independent fostering agency that works with local authorities, such as Croydon borough council, to give children and young people the support they need to reach their full potential. We do this by providing high quality foster carers that can really make a difference to a child’s life and development.

Becoming a foster carer can be challenging, but the satisfaction that you are providing a good and safe home to a child or young person is very rewarding. This is especially true of fostering locally, as you will make it possible for children to continue to live near their school and friends, giving their life some much needed continuity. If you have ever thought of becoming a foster carer we urge you to contact us.

You may have many questions as to how you can become a foster carer or about fostering in Croydon in general, so we hope to cover some of your questions here.

Firstly, who can foster? Almost anyone, as long as you have a spare bedroom and are able to dedicate time to the care and support of a foster placement. Being experienced as a caregiver can be an added bonus but it is not essential. You will have the chance to meet existing carers who will share their experience with you and support you during the process. No matter if you’re single or married, LGBT, male or female, you can be someone who changes lives. Please consider offering children and young people a good, safe and, most importantly, caring home.

To start your journey towards becoming a foster carer, you just need to make an enquiry to our local Croydon office. Once this is done, a Form F assessment visit will take place so we can get to know you, your home and your family, and ascertain whether you can provide the most essential elements of a fostering placement – a spare room, a sense of humour and a caring nature.

After this point you will work with a supervising local social worker who will be available to answer any enquiry as well as offer support and social care advice throughout your application.

You’ll never be on your own as you work towards becoming a foster parent. Our professional staff offer varied training and support throughout the assessment and application process. We’re proud to have a London fostering team that can provide varied in-house services – including therapeutic fostering services for young people who have gone through traumatising events.

If you are looking to know more about fostering in Croydon please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about fostering, including the process, financial allowances and the steps you need to take in order to foster a child.

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