Therapeutic foster care

What is therapeutic fostering?

Therapeutic fostering is a type of foster care which supports young people and children who may have dealt with trauma, abuse or a severe disruption to their lives. This sort of issue would have happened before being placed into foster care, so a therapeutic foster parent will be specially trained in this area to deal with these children most effectively.

Therapeutic foster parents are trained and educated to look after these children who have complex needs and, as their foster carer, they become part of a therapy team. Part of this fostering placement will allow you as the carer to know a detailed breakdown of the child’s needs on every level – particularly from a mental health perspective. This allows you to know how to care for these foster children in the most effective manner possible.

Therapeutic foster training and support

Here at FosterCare UK, we have created and developed a programme and service which is unique to FosterCare UK – our Multidisciplinary Assessment & Treatment service (MATs). This is a specialist therapeutic fostering programme, which is designed to provide enhanced support and resources for both foster parents and the children referred to the programme. This service provides more children with the opportunity for a secure family home, which will be supported by a clinical therapeutic team.

Foster parents are provided with ongoing therapeutic foster care training, as well as support to guide and assist them through the logistics of being part of this specialist team. As a therapeutic foster carer, your role will be to provide the secure family setting like a regular foster carer would, but also provide the therapeutic environment which supports the young child on their path to recovery.

When you choose to foster with FosterCare UK, you will receive a wealth of support from a qualified team of experts working alongside you. Our job is to help to ensure a successful, positive outcome for the child, and sculpt you into the best foster carer you can be.

How to become a therapeutic foster parent with FosterCare UK

Have the experience and willingness to work with specialist mental health services? Our therapeutic fostering placements may be the right career path for you. As part of the fostering assessment process, we will assess the foster home while ensuring the essential fostering training for therapeutic foster care has been undertaken before placements begin. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team here for more information.

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