Remand fostering

What is remand foster care?

Remand fostering is a type of fostering placement which offers young people who are on remand by the courts a foster home to live in. This is typically while the young children in care await their court proceedings. This is used as an alternative to custodial care and gives the young people the opportunity to avoid the damaging experience that being placed in custody care can have on young people’s development.

Remand foster care is a specialist type of foster care as, by housing these young offenders in a safe, secure home, it’s thought to decrease young people’s risks of reoffending in the future – rather than being placed in custodial care.

As a remand foster parent, you will have the opportunity to create a supportive and secure sanctuary for a vulnerable young person in need, while creating a much more nurturing and developmentally beneficial environment than custody would provide.

What to expect as a remand foster carer

As a remand foster parent, placements typically are required with very short notice – which means you will need to be flexible in your role. Your role will then be to escort the children to and from the court when they are required to attend, and ensuring your home is always suitable and available for remand foster children if required.

Although sometimes this can be at very short notice, there are times where remand fostering is planned. This is likely to happen when a young person leaves custody, and they need to be reintroduced into the community gradually. Remand foster parents act as the transitional partners in this process.

As a remand foster carer, you will need a certain skillset in order to be successful in the role. This includes high levels of patience, excellent communication skills and being able to offer unwavering support throughout the placement.

How to become a remand foster carer with FosterCare UK

Thinking of becoming a foster carer? If you’d like to be in a career where you can dramatically improve the lives of vulnerable young people, get in touch with us here at FosterCare UK today. It might be of interest to note that many of the people who work in remand fostering have often become accustomed to supporting young people change their lives already, such as members of the police force, youth workers, sports coaches, social workers and more.

Here at FosterCare UK, you can expect a high level of support and training to be available, as well as being able to put your trust in partners who will be there every step of the way in your fostering journey. If you think remand fostering is the right career choice for you, contact us now.

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