Compliments & Complaints

FosterCare UK believe that foster carers, children and young people have a fundamental right to have their views heard and to be taken notice of in the development of the service. These views may be in form of a complaint about the service, constructive ideas for how to improve the service or in the form of a compliment about how a service was delivered.

Who can make complaints or representations?

Any child, foster carer, member of staff, family member or indeed any person who has had an involvement with the FosterCare UK is entitled to comment about the quality of any of the services, whether positive or negative. A foster carer, relative or friend can also do so on a young person’s behalf.

A comment or complaint may include such things as quality of communication, staff behavior or attitude, decisions we have made, support for carers or children, or quality of care in the home.

If the matter is urgent e.g. a safeguarding issue, an allegation or incident involving the child’s health and safety, please call the office or the out of office hours number directly.

Complaints by or on behalf of children and young people

Any looked after child or young person may complain about an aspect of their care to their placing authority, whose own complaints and representations procedure will be available to the child via the social worker.

When a complaint is made directly to the FosterCare UK by or on behalf of a child, the placing authority social worker will be informed. Agreement will then be reached with the placing authority about which agency will investigate the complaint.

If any complaint relates to an aspect of the service provided by the FosterCare UK and is brought to our attention, this will always be investigated by the FosterCare UK.

Complaints by a foster carer

Complaints may be made to the FosterCare UK about any aspect of the service received from the agency. The complainant will receive written acknowledgment of the complaint and details of the planned investigation. All complaints will be investigated in accordance with the Stages set out below.

All FosterCare UK foster carers are members of FosterTalk, who they can approach to seek independent advice and support.

FosterCare UK will make available to all its service users written information about its complaints procedure and how to access it. The procedure is also available upon request by emailing

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