Transitions & Life Story Work

4 hour course

The first half of the training course will look at Transitions, and the second session will look at Life Story Work.

The session on Transitions will consider the implications for children and young people and their carers of multiple transitions. It will stress the importance of why changes and losses need to be recognised and how the system needs to better facilitate the grief work and improve the experience of transitions will be covered. There will be an opportunity to share ideas about creating rituals to mark these transitions as these children and young people move from one family to the other. The workshop will also attempt to consider what it feels like for children moved around, how and why their behaviour begins to change, and what happens to their availability for new attachment.

Life story books are vital in helping children and young people who have been separated from their birth families make sense of their past experiences. Children are often too young to remember or even begin to understand what has happened in their lives and why they are no longer living with their birth family, especially as information about their past can become lost or forgotten through the many changes children in care go through. This part of the training will explore in further detail the reasons behind creating life story books and provide ideas and formats for creating these.

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