Local Authorities

Placement Choice

Placements are carefully considered in the following ways:


Decisions about children and young people should be grounded in evidence-based knowledge. Qualified staff must provide multi disciplinary assessments as part of the Local Authority Care Plan.

Short term

Task centred placements offering children and young people short-term care whilst the Local Authority makes plans for the child’s future.

Emergency and unplanned placements

In instances where a child or young person needs a fostering placement for a few nights or longer, depending on the circumstances, placements can be arranged at short notice and we offer a 24 hour emergency service to support these requests.


This forms part of a long-term plan for the child, who is being prepared for adoption or long-term permanent fostering.

Long-term and permanent

Applies when adoption is not an option and the foster carer cares for a child or young person up to and into independence. We are able to offer permanent care with some carers who welcome this commitment.

Sibling groups

We ensure that sibling relationships are maintained, whether this is best served by them living together or perhaps in neighbouring foster homes.

Parent and child

This type of placement is for parents who need support and guidance in caring for their own child or young person. We support our foster parents in providing a flexible programme to encourage, support and provide parents with the skills to care for the child or young person and themselves in the community. A service specification is supplied and agreed with the placing authority.


Placements are provided to give parents a break, or offer additional support if they do not have their own support network. Our foster carers are highly responsive and skilled in dealing with respite arrangements whether they are on an emergency or planned basis for one weekend per month or every weekend of the year and all school holidays.

Placements for children with a disability

Several foster carers are developing specific expertise in caring for a child or young person with a disability and/or require specialist medical care. These carers welcome the challenge of providing this specialist resource.

Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children and Young People

FosterCare UK recognises the specific needs of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children and Young People and has developed expertise that works within the regulatory framework. Foster carers are trained and supervised to support young people adjusting to life in the UK.

Residential Transition Placements

Residential transition placements are designed to give children and young people who are currently living in residential care the chance to live as part of a family with the continued support. Foster Carers are assessed and chosen for residential transfer based on their high level of experience, intensive childcare knowledge and their own resilience in dealing with the challenging situations that may arise.

Team Around the Child (TAC)

In 2008 FosterCare UK pioneered the TAC approach to fostering. The essence of TAC is to create a therapeutic environment for looked after children and young people in a family setting that enables their carers to become agents of change.

FosterCare UK’s holistic approach and wrap around support services – including supervision, training and advice – are delivered to the foster carer to ensure that each child has the very best chance of stability and success. Our TAC approach enables the provision of family based support and care to children who have been identified as ‘difficult to place’, children who may have a range of complex and challenging needs; who may have experienced numerous placement disruptions and breakdowns or significant periods in residential or secure care.

Real Outcomes

FosterCare UK has a strong commitment in continually striving to achieve Best Quality in all its fostering services and as such reviews its policies, practices and procedures on a regular, on-going basis. Under the guidance of Fostering Regulations and statutory legislation, we have clear procedures for monitoring and controlling our fostering services and ensuring quality performance.

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of our Quality assurance programme are as follows:

Our Aims are to:

  • Provide a quality service in which service user feedback and self-evaluation is a constant and valued process.
  • Ensure that accurate information is available to inform the work of the service and secure the successful delivery of aims and objectives of the service

Our Objectives are to ensure that:

  • All foster carers provide high quality placements that meet the assessed needs of children placed with them, in line with the Care Plan or other identified plans.
  • Senior Practitioners and Supervising Social Workers monitor the work of foster carers and provide appropriate and timely support and supervision.
  • Directors and Managers are aware of the demands being made on FosterCare UK services
  • Managers are aware of the resources available and needed to meet actual and projected demands
  • Resources are used effectively to meet the demands placed on the service
  • Management data is available to assist with reporting on the 5 Outcomes Framework indicators and additional QA processes
  • The work of the service continues to meet; Its aims and objectives, The requirements of children needing foster placements, requirements of the appropriate Fostering Services Standards and associated Regulations

FosterCare UK has achieved Investors in People Gold Accreditation


All children and young people’s placements are closely matched to ensure their needs are met by the skills and experience of foster carers. Many of our foster carers have a wealth of experience or specialise in areas including those who have been abused, have challenging behaviours or for children who may have a specific medical requirement or require a transition from residential care.

FosterCare UK has a dedicated Referrals Coordinator, who is the first point of contact for enquiries about placement availability and liaises closely with Managers, Supervising Social Workers, foster carers and Local Authorities to ensure the best possible and appropriate match for the child or young person and foster carer. All children and young people’s needs are unique and therefore all placements are uniquely matched. Where more than one young person is due to be placed in the same family, a matching Risk Assessment form is completed by the SSW to consider the potential impact of competing needs and demands.

Outcomes Tracking

At the commencement of each child or young person’s placement, our Supervising Social Workers complete an online Outcomes Tracker, noting the 44 national outcomes. This document is reviewed and updated monthly to inform progress and anticipate needs.

Referrals & Matching

Please contact FosterCare UK on 0844 800 1941 or email referrals@fostercareuk.co.uk to discuss your placement needs.

All Inclusive

Local Authorities will benefit from our ‘all inclusive’ approach, not just to our services but also to our fees. FosterCare UK are a professional fostering service, providing quality and innovation as well as demonstrating value for money.

In many cases we offer a viable therapeutic alternative to expensive residential care but also provide for fostering placements that are seen as standard and not as complex.

Our all-inclusive fee structure means it is extremely unlikely that there will be any ‘add-on’ costs to the fee. Our package of remuneration and allowances for foster parents ensures that you will not be asked by them for any additional funds.

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