01: Introduction

At Capstone we take the educational achievement of our young people seriously. We know that a happy and stable school experience can impact on the stability of care placements and we also know that educational achievement leads to wider opportunities in adult life and that poor educational outcomes limit future life choices.

For Looked After Children (LAC), the average educational outcomes are much lower than their non LAC peers. At the end of Key Stage 2, when children leave primary school, the achievement gap between LAC and the general school population is 31%. The gap continues to grow as they move through the education system and only 12% of 16 year olds achieve the expected grades (5 x A*-C including English and Maths) compared to 52% of all children. As well as poorer academic outcomes, LAC are twice as likely to be permanently excluded and 5 times more likely to have a fixed term exclusion. With the introduction of the Personal Educational Allowance followed by the Pupil Premium Plus, successive governments have demonstrated a commitment to raising the educational outcomes for LAC.

The aim of this handbook is to help you, as carers, to feel confident in the field of education, allowing you to advocate, support and be fully involved in your young person’s progress through their educational journey.

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