20: More Useful Websites

General Education Sites

These sites are useful for homework, resources and for when you, or your young person, is  struggling with a subject or topic at school. Some are free and some are subscription only.

For GCSEs, try these…

  • https://getrevising.co.uk   :Goes from GCSE through to University level. This site is a mixture of free resources and subscription. You can find some good revision summary sheets if you are prepared to hunt!
  • http://www.s-cool.co.uk/gcse : A subscription site… but it’s free to join. Limited subjects but useful – has a revision planner.  Choose an activity, revise it, test it and remember it! S-cool includes overviews, exam style questions, multiple choice questions and revision summaries on a range of GCSE science topics.
  • https://www.khanacademy.org/ : With over 3,100 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, GCSE students should be able to find videos on the topics they need. Need to join but it’s free.
  • https://www.o2learn.co.uk : A useful revision aid with videos on a variety of subjects and topics.
  • http://studymaths.co.uk/ : Does what it says on the tin! For SATS:
  • http://www.satstestsonline.co.uk/sto_past_papers.aspx : lots of past papers and mark
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