Tammy is staying put and part of the family

trimWhen Tammy joined her fostering family at 15 her confidence and self-esteem were really low. She found it hard to eat with others, and didn’t have very many life skills. To quote Tammy during a recent discussion, she said: “I wouldn’t say I had a great start in life”.

At school, Tammy had some friends but they weren’t real friends. Looking back Tammy can reflect that they may have taken advantage of her. With the support of her fostering family, Tammy started to do well at school and move forward. When she was 17 she started to prepare for independence, but as time went by neither Tammy nor the family who supported her could or wanted to say goodbye.

This is when a decision was reached to allow Tammy to ‘stay put’, so that she could feel part of the family and relax in her environment. The notion of leaving or moving again might have disrupted Tammy’s plan to go to college. At this stage, the family built an extension to their home, so they could accommodate Tammy, and continue to foster.

In 2014, alongside the wishes of the family, Tammy decided to adopt the family name, as her surname. The family are no longer Tammy’s fostering family, but her own family with whom she has built a real bond, and a relationship for life.

Tammy is now 19, staying put, and at college studying farming because she loves animals. She has made some good friends who support her and help her to enjoy life!

In the photo, Tammy is discussing her experiences with parents Michelle and Mark.

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