Feeling positive about the future

thank-youWhen P was placed with Capstone foster carers, it was because she had tried to seriously self-harm. At home, her parents were going through a divorce and it had been a really difficult time for P.

P was very isolated, and had disengaged from education. She didn’t have a routine and spent lots of time alone. It was difficult for P to speak to anyone involved in her care and she wasn’t able to reflect positively on the future.

Despite numerous attempts to leave her foster care placement, P gradually started to engage with the carers who remained child focused and positive. The foster carers worked alongside professionals to support the young person and avoid any further risk of self-harm.

In time, the carers were able to build a positive and trusting relationship with P, who formed a routine and developed the confidence to re-engage with education and her peers.

P is a bright girl, and was able to catch up on over 2 years of school work and made significant progress with the additional support of regular tuition. By September 2015, P was in mainstream school working alongside her peers, with whom she had made a core friendship group.

These days, P is excelling academically, and has aspirations of university so she can become a Vet or Marine Biologist. P takes pride in her appearance and is looking forward to sharing her 3rd birthday celebration with her foster carers. P has built up a genuine relationship with her foster carers, and when she was on a recent family holiday with her birth mum, she picked up a souvenir for her foster mum which said: “Thank you for not giving up on me!”

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