Rebecca and Stuart

Stuart and I have been fostering for 10 years, 5 of these years have been with FosterCare UK.

We chose to foster because although we were both working with children, Stuart as a residential carer in a children’s home, me as a teacher, we felt that to make a real impact on a child’s life you need to provide a stable family home. Attachment, consistency and love in a home can change a person’s life chances. What profession could be more important?

The fostering process was rightly rigorous but straightforward and clearly laid out. We were well supported throughout.

As we have two birth children who were 6 years old and 8 years old when we started fostering with FCUK, we were acutely conscious of the impact on our family. However, both my children are always clear that they are pleased that we foster. They are able to articulate that it has made them more aware of other people’s circumstances and difficulties. They enjoy the company of the other young people in the house and view them as part of our family. We all appreciate that Stuart is able to be at home to care for them all.

There’s never a dull moment! We all laugh a lot. The young people are full of energy and optimism (mostly), this in itself is a joy. There is a real privilege to watch them make progress and grow.

Fostering is full of challenges; whether it be oppositional behaviour from a 7-year-old or delinquent behaviour from a 15-year-old. I’m not sure I can say we have ‘overcome’ the challenges but we have coped and survived them by; remaining consistent, not lowering our expectations, not taking it personally, talking to other professionals, remaining emotionally attached (loving them) and persevering with bloody-minded determination! It’s well worth it.

We would recommend FosterCare UK to anyone who is thinking about fostering.



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