My journey into fostering was in my thoughts some 25 years ago when I was married with two children but my then husband firmly did not want to enter into the world of fostering. So I shelved the idea and after bringing 3 children then up on my own the idea came back to me when my youngest went off to university.

My 2 day intro into fostering went really well until at the end of the second day I was told that my then boss would have to be contacted for referencing. I was devastated as the two days had shown me I was ready to take on this new role in my life and I really wanted to foster. I spoke up and told Danny I couldn’t do this as I needed my job and my then boss would dismiss me if he knew of my plans to leave his employment once I had passed all the assessments. Danny asked if I could stay on and chat about this and I’m glad to say I did and the office ladies managed to get the reference from my then employer without him firing me.

My assessment took a while as I did not have time to meet my supervising social worker to complete the assessment due to work commitments. But the assessment was open and honest and made me think consistently of the how if and whys of being a foster carer and I still stronger then ever finished the assessment knowing I wanted to be a foster carer.

After the panel approved of me becoming a foster carer the process of finding a match with a young person began, which after a few who did not match me my family or life along came my young person who I care for now . He arrived on a cold winters night with his social worker probably as terrified as me but neither of us showed it. We spoke together laughed together ate together and gradually got to know each other. I’m not saying there was no challenges including his anger but who wouldn’t be angry when he’d been taken away from everyone and everything he had known in his short little 8 nearly nine years here.

He makes me laugh and I seem to make him laugh but most of all he seems to trust me which amazes me every day and I am in ore of this and of how well he copes. He may leave my care at any time I remind myself, as his care plan is not finalised by court yet, but I hope I have shown him through my care that he deserves a happy safe caring family life and nothing less.

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