Our staff and carers take part in 12 Tins of Christmas!

Here at FosterCare UK, helping out in our local communities is very important to us. This year, we decided to help local food banks by taking part in the ’12 Tins of Christmas’ for the Family Food Bank in Ashford, Kent and encouraged our carers and staff to get involved.

Christmas isn’t enjoyable for everyone and many families struggle to make ends meet with the added expense of winter fuel bills and Christmas presents. Food banks, like this one, play a vital role in helping the most vulnerable eat well when they find themselves in times of hardship and we were more than happy to contribute.

The idea of the ’12 tins of Christmas’ is to encourage people to donate items that are important to making up food boxes but aren’t donated in large quantities. Items such as: curry, chilli, chicken in sauce, meatballs, stew, pasta, tuna/ fish, potatoes, peas/carrots, sweetcorn, custard/rice pudding and even fruit

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our carers and staff who donated this year and helped make Christmas achievable for families across the region.


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