FosterCare UK Updates

On Wednesday 2nd October 2019, our fabulous staff participated in an event called ‘Bake for Babies’. This is an event created by the Lullaby Trust who are trying to reduce the number of SIDS deaths and support bereaved families. They offer advice on safer sleeping for babies and do lots of research into sudden death of babies and young children so we felt this was a cause which really needed our support.

We had a mini bake sale and raised £10.61 for the cause.

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During this half term week, we held a youth participation day for all of the London carers and young people. We all attended a local trampoline park which was so much fun for everyone! After building up an appetite we all sat down and had pizza! It was such a fantastic day and all the children, carers and staff who had a lovely time together.

We’re not sure if the children or Hannah had more fun!

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