FosterCare UK Updates

FosterCare UK has welcomed Lindsey Currie to the team as she takes the position of Enquiries Officer at its head office in Sandwich, Kent.

29-year-old Lindsey from Dover is the latest member of the team to join the fostering agency, which provides foster carers for children and young people with a wide range of needs. In her position as Enquiries Officer, Lindsey will be responsible for managing new foster carer enquiries and applications, as well as working with the potential foster carers through each stage of the process.

FosterCare UK is a new direction for Lindsey’s career, having previously worked in the travel industry, as well as the fitness sector.

Lindsey discusses her new role: “I’m delighted to be joining the FosterCare UK team. As Enquiries Officer I can work with hopeful foster carers throughout the fostering process, providing them with advice and support during such a critical time in their life. Foster carers play a vital role in the local community, ensuring children who cannot stay in their parents’ homes for various reasons, have a safe, nurturing environment where they can learn and grow. It will be my job to ensure these carers are fully prepared for their role, as well as being aware of both the ups and the downs, so that they can be fully committed before proceeding and potentially taking on a foster son or daughter.”

“It’s a huge responsibility which requires organisation, ownership and the ability to work under pressure; skills which are transferable from my previous roles.

“FosterCare UK is a fantastic company, with some great ideas. It recently launched the ’60 little things’ campaign which aims to recruit 60 new carers over a three year period, so I expect I’ll be very busy.”

Jonathan Toomey, Managing Director, FosterCare UK added: “Lindsey has been a great asset to the team, bringing with her a drive and enthusiasm which is greatly needed when managing foster carer applications. I look forward to working with her and bringing on board our new foster carers and their families as our community grows and strengthens.”

Local, independent fostering agency, FosterCare UK, has backed proposed new legislation from charity leaders to extend the age of leaving care as National Care Leavers’ Week gets underway.

National Care Leavers’ Week runs from 24 to 30 October, and aims to highlight the needs of those who leave care. FosterCare UK, has backed the annual campaign, and hopes to raise awareness of the needs of these particularly vulnerable individuals.

At first you think, “I’ll change the world!”,

At first you think you can!

Experience can teach you though,

You’re just not ‘Superman’.

The ‘Runaways’, the “Just get lost!”

The “You are not my mum”!!!!

The tears, the tantrums, “I don’t eat that!”

“I’ve had a bath!”, “You’re no fun!”

“My life is crap, you don’t understand”

“I need a hug”, “I’m sad”.

“Make it better”, “go away!!!”

“Be here for me”, “You drive me mad!”


The long car rides to contact, that often don’t go to plan

Confusion, Rejection, Defiance, you do the best you can.

You learn to listen harder and watch for all the signs,

But all it ever goes back to, you cannot read their minds!


We travel on a journey, alongside those who share

A life with us they didn’t choose

And labeled they’re ‘ In care’.

We support and help alleviate,

The trauma they incur,

Replace it with, a smile, some warmth,

Some love for him or her.


We can’t give back what they have lost,

But oh how we can try,

To be the best at what we do,

And never question why!

Poem written by – a Foster Carer

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