A special poem to my foster carers

Dear Nicky, Chris and Macey,

I feel I believe what I am doing now to prove to myself,

My Children mean the world to me, to keep them safe with me most of all Cobey- Lee.

I am a better person now, I am in a better place now because of having you all around me supporting me each and every day,

You all leading me the right way to not be that person back in the day.

To carry on being that strong person I am today, having you all around me  teaching me the right way, making me stronger every day.

I am not going to lie it’s been tough it’s been hard,

I thought I was not going to last because of my past,

I am here now to make it last, to go back out there and prove to each and every one that it will last.

I will now put my children first and not my past.

I am here to make it last not going back to the person I was before.

I made my mistakes, now I have come back stronger even more to be the Mum I should have been before,

So here I am now where I should be with all of you supporting me.

Thank you each and every day for caring, supporting and making me stronger all the way.

Love Always, Shell and Cobey-lee

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