Support & Supervision

Our therapeutic fostering model is overseen by a highly skilled and qualified Clinical Lead who leads a team of clinical specialists who work alongside the social work staff and foster carers.

Clinical support provided to FosterCare UK foster carers and how we specifically help our foster carers ‘Make a Difference?

From placement to initial comprehensive assessment

An identified member of the clinical team will offer weekly telephone support to carers from the time of placement until assessed as no longer required.

Therapeutic intervention is recommended.

At this point, when further therapeutic assessment and interventions are indicated it will be agreed with FosterCare UK’s Clinical lead whether this level of support for the foster carer needs to be continued.

What if more intensive support is required?

Should a young person present with extremely complex needs and the foster carer require more intensive support, monthly home visits can be arranged from the identified clinical team therapist, in addition to weekly telephone support. The aim of these interventions is to support the foster carer’s ability to thoughtfully manage the young person and to enable them to effectively support the young person’s therapy.